The Mac Mini Data Recovery is the smallest and cheapest Macintosh Apple has ever produced. The computer has the shape of a small parallelepiped and in its first version it was based on the motherboard of the latest iBook G4 suitably modified to make it square.

The computer is very small and is currently equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at a frequency between 2.4 and 2.66 Ghz.

Mac Mini Data Recovery

The Mac mini is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card with 256MB of shared memory, equipped with a Mini DisplayPort with support for resolutions up to 2560 × 1600 and an HDMI output with support for resolutions up to 1920 × 1200.

Mac Mini Hard Drive Recovery –

Given the small size, the mac mini are equipped with 2.5 hard drives, like those of notebooks.
Naturally they manifest the same symptoms as all the other hard disks installed on any other personal computer.

Data Recovery is able to intervene in any case of data loss from MAC Mini.

– Deletion of data
– Media fallen to the ground
– Flooding
– Sabotage
– Inaccessible media