QuickFix Technologies intervenes for the recovery of data from Mac Pro Recovery , and any other Apple platform. The MacBook PRO is a notebook equipped with a SATA hard disk up to 500 gb or with an SSD hard disk.
Our data recovery service includes a preliminary phase of collection and diagnosis of the MacBook Pro system with DHL courier, within a maximum of 24 hours from entering the Laboratory.

Data recovery operations from MacBook Pro systems do not have substantial differences with the procedures adopted for data recovery from other operating systems or other platforms. Our systems allow us to analyze and interpret any operating system and any filesystem. Like any other system, a Mac hard drive suffers the same damage and data loss modes as any other.

The operating system conceived by Macintosh is OSX , and certainly includes protocols different from those of Windows or Linux systems, and therefore a specific method of interpreting the files is required.

Are the hard drives inside the MacBook Pro different from other systems?

The Macbook Pro is sensitive to the same problems as all other systems equipped with hard disks; the hard disks inserted inside Mac Pro Recovery platforms are standard and have no particularity that distinguishes them in a determined way from other hard disks.

Also in terms of data security there is no substantial difference, although we cannot overlook the importance that Apple has given to the security of its systems by declaring them immune to viruses and malware; in reality it is impossible to ensure complete insensitivity to the attack of viruses and malware, but we can certainly affirm that the OS system conceived by Apple is extremely advanced and therefore allows to ensure maximum immunity.

Typically Apple assembles its systems with Hitachi, Seagate or Fujitsu hard drives, so even if branded, they are standard hard drives.

Possible Damages and Causes of Data Loss from Hard Drives for MacBook Pro: Data Recovery

  • MacBook Pro fails to start
  • non-recognition of the device by the operating system
  • the media makes abnormal noises
  • deletion of files or folders from the hard disk
  • accidental formatting
  • fall to the ground
  • bump
  • short circuit
  • power surge

As we have seen, therefore, the damages and the causes that can determine the need to proceed with a data recovery service are common to all systems, of any operating system and any file system, as well as any type of platform.
We can identify three main types of damage: mechanical damage, logical damage and electrical damage.

In any case, the Laboratory defines the status of the hard disk inside the MacBook Pro through a preliminary diagnosis, ascertaining the level of damage to the device; based on the type of failure, the Laboratory will start the technical data recovery operations on the device; each estimate proposed by our organization takes into account the different needs in terms of processing time of each customer. Based on the time requirements of the Client, the Administration offers the best quote Macbook Repair.