Motherboard and Logicboard Repair

MacBook Motherboard Replacement

MacBook Motherboard Replacement | Motherboard repair | Logicboard Repair

We take care of reopening the MacBook Motherboard Replacement and MAC Logic Board:

  • Macbook motherboard repair
  • Macbook pro motherboard repair
  • Macbook pro retina motherboard repair
  • Macbook air motherboard repair
  • MacMini motherboard repair
  • IMac motherboard repair
  • Desktop motherboard repair
  • Macbook Repair
  • Motherboard repair

Reballing Procedure

Reballing is a procedure to eliminate any problems related to soldering or other defects in the printed circuits of the motherboard / video card.

Reflow Procedure

Reflow is a procedure used to restore electrical contacts in the printed circuit boards of the motherboard / video card.