Tips to Improve the Performance of a Slow Mac

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Tips to Improve the Performance of a Slow Mac

Top reasons your Mac is slow

There are many reasons that affect Mac performance. Some are common and others not so much. In general, it’s good to keep an eye on each of them. Below we list the main ones:

  • Storage of unnecessary applications, files and data;
  • Records and cache contents;
  • Desktop full of files;
  • HD with excess data;
  • Lack of preventive maintenance

But how do I solve my problem?

The best way to improve the performance of a Slow Mac is to format it, but this can directly affect your productivity, especially if you use it for work. Not to mention the work that goes into it , because before formatting your Mac, you need to back it up, erase the disk and then bring your backup back .

The reason is that formatting completely cleans the computer’s hard drive, preparing it for a new operating system installation.

If you don’t want to have work

Formatting your Mac, no problem, let’s go!

  1. Delete Unnecessary Files and Folders

For sure, excess storage of unnecessary apps and files is one of the most common causes of Mac slowness. This is because depending on the amount, the space taken up on the HD can directly affect the processing of your Mac.

Here are ways to free up space on your Slow Mac: MacBook repair services

1.1 Clean files and folders, delete what you will no longer use , especially those in the “Transfers” folder . Remember to clean your desktop, this is also very important.

  1. Navigate to the /Applications folder and delete programs that you will no longer use. When you find them, right-click and select the “move to trash” option.
  2. Organize your desktop , remember the fewer items for your Mac to process, the better.
  3. Clear Startup Items

On Mac, you can configure so that , when you start the system, apps that you use frequently are also started . This is a fantastic feature, but depending on your computer it can be a thorn in your side .

The recommended thing is to leave the boot clean, that is, when you turn on your Mac, only the system will start.

2.1 Disable items that start with the system

  • Here’s how to disable startup items on your Mac:
  • Click on Apple Menu then System Preferences.
  • Now click on Users and Groups

Then click on your username, then Start Items . Here select the items you don’t want to open when you turn on the system, and then click the little minus sign (-) to delete them.

  1. Reset your Slow Mac’s NVRAM

Going for a more hardcore action we recommend resetting the NVRAM , which resets what Apple calls “non-volatile random access memory” . NVRAM is responsible for storing system settings, which your Mac can quickly access.

3.1 To reset NVRAM follow the steps below:

  • Shut down the Mac.
  • Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R.
  • Turn on the Mac.
  • Hold down the Command + Option + P + R keys immediately after hearing the startup sound.
  • Hold down these keys until the computer starts up and you hear the startup sound a second time.
  • Release the keys.
  1. Use Third Party Software

There are several system cleaning software on the market, some paid and some free.

Two applications that we use frequently: one is CleanMyMac, which in addition to making the Mac faster , also cleans up all the digital trash that we accumulate on a daily basis; the other is Gemini , which organizes files by excluding everything that is duplicated.

Option 1: Use CleanMyMac

As its name suggests, with CleanMyMac it is possible to clean your Mac’s disk…

Option 2: Use Gemini

It is also important to delete duplicate files… This will make all the difference in the use of your Mac. To delete these duplicate files I use Gemini.

5 . Check Virus

We know that Mac is less likely to get a virus than Windows. However, that doesn’t mean your Mac won’t get infected. .

There is indeed the possibility of a virus or malware infection, so make sure you have a good antivirus , as an infected Mac tends to be slow. Although Mac has a considerably secure system, it is not guaranteed 100% unfortunately

Final considerations

Remember that these tips are just to try to improve performance right away , but depending on the situation, they may not live up to your expectations . In the last few years many applications have been developed with many features, which has made them very cumbersome, which can be a problem in the case of older Macs. If this is your case, consider upgrading hardware such as RAM and HD, in addition to formatting, of course.

Remember: Whether MacBook repair services, Windows, Linux… Considering the relative particularities of each system, don’t mistreat your equipment!

Do periodic reviews, don’t abuse heavy software for a long time, turn it off when you’re not using it, if your equipment has a configuration for a certain routine, don’t try to force it, like, edit videos as if it were an editing platform, when not It is. Equipment also has limits. And most importantly: We are in a tropical country. The equipment suffers much more.

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