Is your laptop not charging? Understand what to do to solve the problem

Is your laptop not charging? Understand what to do to solve the problem

Currently, the constant presence of the notebook in our study and work routine requires us to pay more attention to the equipment during its use. Thus, one of the most common problems found in notebooks that come to Quik Fix Technologies is the failure to load.

So, today you will understand what can cause this problem and also find out how our experts can help you. Come on Laptop Computer Repair Dubai?

Main causes of not charging on a notebook

When we think about the biggest causes of the charging problem on a notebook, we can list:

  • Overheating of the internal components of the machine: when the notebook is used for a long time resting on a surface that does not allow ventilation, it overheats;
  • Bad contact between the battery and the notebook: when we carry the equipment with us and accidentally hit it somewhere, the battery runs the risk of detaching from our original position and generating bad contact;
  • Lack of cleaning of connectors and other micro parts: certainly, if preventive maintenance is not a custom adopted by the customer, the accumulation of impurities can cause damage to the notebook charger;
  • Defective or poor quality power supply and cables : When your device’s charger or cables are defective or not genuine, charging may be affected.

Although some people think that most battery problems are due to the fact that it is “addicted” ( uncelebrated ), in fact one of the most common pictures that appears in our store (which is located at City tower 2 1540 Sheikh Zayed road Dubai) is the last one, where the defective charger and cables prevent charging from being done properly.

What should I consider when choosing a new charger for my equipment?

So, in order to choose the charger correctly, you need to pay attention to some details:

  • Is the charger genuine?
  • Does the connector pin have the same shape as the input on my notebook?
  • What is the power of the charger?
  • What are its Input and Output numbers?

In turn, to measure the power and input and output numbers, the first is indicated with a number followed by the letter W, (Ex. 90 W). The others are indicated with a number followed by the V (Ex: 120v/19V)

While the power of the charger indicates how much energy it is capable of supplying the machine, the input indicates the voltage at which it can be plugged into the outlet. In addition, the output indicates how many volts the charger supplies to the equipment while it is on.

Furthermore, because there are so many types of chargers on the market, we advise that the exchange is always guided by a specialist, who will be able to assess the compatibility of the options and help you make the best choice for your notebook.

So here at Quik Fix Technologies we are ready to evaluate your machine and solve the problem by replacing the charger properly. In addition, we are available in person and also through the drop-off service, which is free for up to 20km and serves neighborhoods such as: Dubai

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