MacBook crashing on apple screen? Quik Fix Technologies solves it!


MacBook crashing on apple screen? Quik Fix Technologies solves it!

Imagine the following scene: another workday begins and you sit in front of your MacBook repair services to start your tasks. However, when you turn it on, you notice that it does not leave the apple screen. So even after getting a little distracted while waiting for the machine to respond, nothing changes.

Of course, this kind of thing only happens when we’re not expecting it and, in fact, it’s not a good way to start the day, especially for those who have a lot of demands to deliver during their home office routine .

Therefore, this may indicate problems with the MacBook’s motherboard (or logic board) . We have previously talked about the importance of this component here on the blog , but today we are going to delve deeper into the subject.

Why does my MacBook motherboard have problems?

First, it is important to understand that several factors lead to a MacBook motherboard not working properly:

Outdated systems or overloaded with unused programs and files;

Lack of annual maintenance of the equipment (favoring the oxidation of internal components);

Improper daily use (using the MacBook in bed or while sunbathing, eating and drinking on top of the device, etc.);

Carelessness during handling, causing falls, shocks, etc.

As we use the device and neglect what really matters, facts such as the apple screen crashing, the machine heating up, problems when turning on, etc., happen more often.

Apple tips to resolve the issue

So, with that in mind, here are some tips from Apple on how to solve the issue:

Press the MacBook’s Power button for 10 seconds. Try restarting the device;

If the problem persists, turn off the device and, before turning it on again, disconnect all your accessories that are plugged in via USB;

If the problem continues, use Disk Utility to repair the system boot.

So, when none of these solutions solve the MacBook problem, the motherboard may be in need of repair.

How does Quik Fix Technologies work with MacBook motherboard repair?

First of all, from the moment your MacBook comes in to Quik Fix Technologies for MacBook repair services, we follow a series of special protocols.

Thus, our specialists will open the machine and start a thorough investigation, looking for small damages, oxidation, short circuits, etc.

So, after we passed the budget amount and obtained your authorization, we started the motherboard repair process. If problems are identified in the component circuits, we will replace the damaged parts, redoing the electronic path that interconnects the MacBook parts.

After the repair, we can also carry out a preventive cleaning, if the customer authorizes the execution of the service, so that other parts of the equipment do not present problems in the future.

Finally, before we deliver the MacBook we run a series of system checks, keeping everything up to date and testing the machine’s operation after the repair. We guarantee that you will be aware of all our actions, as we have an open channel with the customer, through email, telephone and social networks.

What are the facilities provided by Quik Fix Technologies during the service?

In addition to offering personalized service according to your needs, we have delivery with free shipping up to 20 KM for your greatest convenience, flexible billing for partner companies and we serve in person at City tower 2 1540 Sheikh Zayed road Dubai.

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