Is your notebook case broken? Discover a new repair method!

Is your notebook case broken? Discover a new repair method!

Currently, many notebook case broken in need of structural repairs have come to Quik Fix Technologies. So, today we are going to talk about this service and about new (more economical) ways to fix your notebook case.

Why is housing repair necessary for equipment?

In most cases, notebook housing repair is necessary because it was not transported properly (with protective cases).

In addition, falls and falls from food or drink are also responsible for causing damage to this part of the equipment. Therefore, we always recommend that some precautions are taken when handling the machine:

Proper transport with protective covers;

Handling the notebook only on stable surfaces with space for ventilation;

Do not eat or drink near the notebook to prevent its waste from falling and damaging parts of the case.

What are the most used methods for replacing the notebook casing?

So, when we understand why the case replacement is a solution that is much sought after by people who are having problems with their notebook, it is convenient to delve deeper into the subject by telling the most common methods of repair. So let’s go!

Until recently , one of the most used methods was the replacement of the complete case, especially when the problems encountered had to do with the notebook screen. However, nowadays we recommend a new alternative, which is increasingly gaining interest: repair with resin,

How does resin repair work?

The repair is done by filling the notebook’s gaps with resin. In other words, if your equipment has broken parts in the screen region (like corners and other smaller pieces), that space can be filled with this material.

In addition, the resin casting repair time varies depending on the size of the region to be filled. So it will take up to 2 hours for minor damage and up to 4 hours for major damage.

In addition, this solution helps to prevent your equipment from needing an entire housing change. So, if your notebook is older, for example, and if it’s hard to find a new cover for it, resin does the trick!

How can Quik Fix Technologies help me fix my notebook?

Thus, our Tablet screen repair Dubai specialists are already prepared to take care of your notebook, offering, among other solutions, resin repair as a cheap and fast alternative.

After checking in at our establishments (in person at City tower 2 1540 Sheikh Zayed road Dubai or through the pick-up service), your notebook undergoes an initial assessment to detect the problem and provide a quote.

Then, once you approve the submitted quote, we proceed with the repair by performing various tests during and after the repair.

Thus, you have the opportunity to follow everything being done through a glass that we install in our store or also by email, where we will send the series of tests carried out. Finally, the notebook will be in your hands with the health (and the housing!) up to date.

Did you like this news? Take advantage of the free quote, delivery in the main neighborhoods of the capital (free of charge up to 20 km) and have your notebook repaired at the best technical assistance Laptop repair Dubai.

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